Things to Know About Lip Augmentation

March 20, 2019

A lot of people nowadays are dying to get the Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner lips. Our lips became one of the best and the hottest asset a woman can have. So in just an instant, a lot of people underwent Lip Augmentation or Lip Fillers. If you are also planning to get a Lip Augmentation or Lip Filler surgery, you need to be a hundred percent sure. Some of us seek for the approval of a lot of people before getting it done. But let me tell you, this kind of stuff (cosmetic surgery) is something that should be decided by yourself only because first of all, it is your face we are talking about.

Here are very important things that you should read before deciding to undergo this kind of cosmetic surgery. There had been a lot of patients that undergo this treatment and there are a lot of things they wish they knew before getting Lip Augmentation or Lip Fillers. So you need to have a full conviction before deciding. So here are some important things that you should know.


There are a lot of plastic surgery doctors around the world. But I suggest that you get to know the doctor that you chose before anything else. You may have gone out and asked a few persons regarding their experience to a specific doctor, but the truth is that they may like the doctor but you won’t. Cosmetic surgery is a work of art and we all have different ways in appreciating this kind of stuff. What is beautiful in my eye may not be beautiful to yours.

We always need to make sure that the doctor we chose is a surgeon who was able to pass the board exam. If we fail in this step then there is a very big chance that your Lip Augmentation or Lip Filler will be a disaster. There were a lot of patients, especially first-timers that instead of getting a perfect plump out lips, they get lips that look uneven because their surgeon injected too much filler into wrong places. To learn more, check out this lip fillers injection melbourne clinic.

I suggest that you check for reviews of the certain surgeon that you picked and always don’t forget to check pictures as well. In that way, you can see how the doctor works and if you like the outcome of his or her previous patients.


If we are talking about Lip Augmentation or Lip Fillers, it is very important not to rush. Think everything carefully before getting a fixed decision. Just to make sure that you never regret. You can also ask your surgeon to use half of the syringe and you just come back after a few weeks of deciding if that is really what you want.


Before going to your doctor, make sure that you were able to decide what look you want to get. You can also have a discussion with your doctor and don’t hesitate to share what you want. In that way, you can both talk to each other and understand the process. Even though Lip Augmentation or Lip Filler is solely about the lips, we still need to decide if “what look are we trying to achieve”. Some want fuller lips to make it look juicier, but some individuals also want something that looks natural. So our doctor needs to hear your decision about this so that there will be no regrets at the end.