There are Pre-Congress Workshop, being held as a part of the IASDR2015 Program, on Monday 2 November.

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Full Day Pre-Congress Workshops

Workshop title: My Place: Designing for Safety and Security in a Digitally-Flecked World

 Name of organiser (s):   Lizzie Coles-Kemp – Royal Holloway University of London, UK

Peter Hall – Griffith University, Australia

Maximum capacity: 20 participants

Time: Full Day | 10.00am – 5.00pm

Location: BCEC – B2

The safety and security of spaces and places is an important part of any civic design (Jacobs 1961). The concept of “my place”, the spaces in which people feel safe and secure in their everyday routines (Shove 2003) and social practices (Schatzki 1996) is fundamental when understanding perceptions and understandings of security (Roe 2008). My place is both digital and physical and can include the home, the office, school and public spaces. Increasingly, central to these spaces is the entangled intersection between an individual’s everyday security (Giddens 1984) and service security. This entanglement is often partially hidden and therefore difficult to visualise and conceptualise. A useful and concrete first step to help our understanding of security from the perspective of place is to deploy creative methods including digital storytelling, serious play (Schulz and Geithner 2013), and physical modeling (LEGO for example), to bring out the important touch points between everyday security and service security. Creative methods are appearing in service security research and security practice (Dunphy et al 2014), and this workshop explores creative forms of security research that seek to broaden our understanding of security and my place.